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Xtreme Comfort

Seamless stretch bras for everyday wear. No bones, hooks, wires, or other hardware!

An all-day comfort bra that has the ability to conform and flex under any type of clothing and perfect if you are in a uniforms all day! 
Our bras are wonderful if you need freedom of movement or if you suffer from forms of fibromyalgia or other chronic pain from an illness; also used post surgery....comfort comes first! Y

Your satisfaction is our first priority to ensure your 'girls' are happy!!
We offer a full money back policy, including shipping. We also offer free exchanges.
If your bra does not fit we will send you additional sizes until we get it right! At no extra charge.
We do recognize there will be times when the bras just might not work for you, and that is OK too.
We will do our very best to make sure the process is as seamless as possible...just like our bras!

Happiness is contagious and we are doing our best to help you have a great start to every day!!!
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Xtreme Comfort Bra (Unpadded)
Xtreme Comfort Bra (Removable Pads)
Xtreme Comfort Bandeau - 3 Pack (Unpadded), colors
Xtreme Comfort Bandeau - 3 Pack, colors (Removable Pads)
Xtreme Comfort Bra with Lace Trim - 3 Pack (Removable Pads)
Xtreme Comfort Bandeau - 3 Pack (Removable Pads)
Xtreme Comfort Bra- 3 pack (w/ Removable Pads)

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