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Our Garments

Our goal is to create garments that always consider feminine style with support and allow effortless beauty and confidence to shine through – keep it simple! 
Having a general interest in fitness and being large busted, plus watching my daughters grow up, I determined there was a true need for some adjustments in the active wear market. Since then this industry has exploded and we are seeing some great products. But there is something for everyone and our goal here is to always bring out the best in YOU. 
The latest trend will not always be the best item for you, but a great fit and support never goes out of style. Marry that with true femininity.
Feeling good when you get dressed projects how you carry on your everyday. Starting from development years to the mature woman, there is a lot of cross generational fashion and active and comfortable lifestyles are the norm. Every woman, at every age should feel good – starting with the under layers. 
Our stages of consideration when designing or looking at any product in our line:How good will she feel? How much wear can she get with this style? Where can she take it?

We have started very small but we will be growing and adding some amazing products along the way and we look forward to your support so we can keep helping you feel the best you can EVERYDAY!

Community Efforts

This is very important to us – to support our communities, charity, good health and well being. We start with our ‘No NEED to return policy’ or pay it forward. If your bras do not fit or you are not pleased, we ask that you donate them. We offer a full refund to you and do not require the product to be returned.
We also donate all of our returns to local charities (Schools, churches, Good Will) – because sometimes people insist on returning.
We also donate bras to sporting events in our local area, such as charity walk/runs, skydiving and things of that nature.
In addition, we offer deep discounts for people that work in areas of service (military, health, academics). We know that their day is a good day when they are not tugging on their bra continuously. And the end goal is for these wonderful people that support our country, healing patients, and educating our communities to start their day in a positive frame of mind; sometimes it is the littlest thing that matters! These are some of the most important roles anyone can have and we are grateful to them all!!

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