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I started skydiving when I was 52 years old. Every time I go up in that plane, I am forced to think about how much I love life, my family, my partner, and the gifts I have been afforded.

Be it hard work, good fortune or an outlier…. there are blessings. That is what skydiving does for me. It makes me want to be a better person and to help others on their journey.

We made these bras so women will LIVE, REALLY LIVE LIFE. Enjoy your life and not take anything for granted. We do not know how long we will be here, how far our bodies will take us, or how long our good looks will last, but we do need to be grateful and appreciate the hell out of what we have available – it is yours to make it!

My mission was – AND IS – being active is what matters!! There is too much focus on body image everywhere and no one seems to know where the middle ground is. Body image should not stop anyone from being active. I believe we all should get outside, breathe fresh air, live life in moderation, and enjoy this life!

This is my story... now it's your turn to share!

P.S. we are so happy you are part of our XTREMEFORM family xoxo

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